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Welcome to British Literature

British Literature ClassZone is your gateway to the literature, authors, and time periods featured in your textbook. The resources and activities below will help you dive into British literature, from the earliest Anglo-Saxon poetry to the modern voices of contemporary British writers. Find links to help you with your research projects, learn more about your favorite authors, or get your own writing published—all within ClassZone. Begin your journey by selecting a unit from the menu below. A wealth of information awaits you!

Choose a unit to begin your exploration.

Unit 1: The Anglo-Saxon and Medieval Periods (495–1485)


Unit 2: The English Renaissance (1485–1660)


Unit 3: The Restoration and Enlightenment (1660–1798)


Unit 4: The Flowering of Romanticism (1798–1832)


Unit 5: The Victorians (1832–1901)


Unit 6: Emerging Modernism (1901–1950)


Unit 7: Contemporary Voices (1950–Present)