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Welcome to The Language of Literature, Grade 11

The Language of Literature ClassZone is your gateway to the literature and authors featured in your textbook. Find links to help you with your research projects, explore the literature and history of different cultures, play interactive spelling and vocabulary games, or get your own writing published—all within ClassZone. Begin your journey by selecting a unit from the menu below. A wealth of information awaits you!

Choose a unit to begin your exploration.

Unit 1: Origins and Encounters (2000 B.C.–A.D.1620)


Unit 2: From Colony to Country (1620–1800)


Unit 3: The Spirit of Individualism (1800–1855)


Unit 4: Conflict and Expansion (1850–1900)


Unit 5: The Changing Face of America (1855–1925)


Unit 6: The Modern Age (1900–1940)


Unit 7: War Abroad and Conflict at Home (1940–Present)