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Part 2: Appearance vs. Reality

Part 2

Appearance vs. Reality

Agatha Christie

The Witness for the Prosecution
Did he really commit the murder?


Describe a time when you were fooled or misled by appearances. What led your perception or judgment astray—in other words, why were you fooled? What did you learn as a result of your experience? Record your memory of the event in writing, or tell your classmates about it.

Heinrich Böll

The Balek Scales
A boy uncovers the truth.

Octavio Paz

The Street / La Calle
Who—or what—is following him?

Juan Ramón Jiménez

I Am Not I / Yo No Soy Yo
Seeing two selves

David Mamet

The Watch
Will his graduation present live up to his dreams?

Volkswagen Television Ad

John Steinbeck

The Flood

The Grapes of Wrath: Photo Essay

from Travels with Charley

Letter to Edith Mirrielees

from Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech
Voice of the common people