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Legacy of Empire: India and Great Britain

Like the Sun
Legacy of Empire (p. 854)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

As you know, the Indian school system described in "Like the Sun" is modeled on the British educational system. Find out more about the British colonization of India. In what other ways can the effects of the British empire be felt in India? Share your findings to the class in an oral report.

Manas: History and Politics, British India southasia/ History/ British/ BrIndia.html
This brief essay describes the British rule of India from its beginning, and is part of a much larger Web site covering many aspects of Indian history, politics, and culture.

The 1857 Indian Mutiny victorian/ history/ empire/ 1857.html
Read about the mutiny that launched a year-long Indian insurrection against British rule.

Internet Indian History Sourcebook halsall/ india/ indiasbook.html
On this invaluable page, you will find links to information on India from many sources, covering everything from British colonization to the clash of cultures to religion to independence.