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Part 1: Speaking Out

Part 1

Speaking Out

Stephen Vincent Benét

The Devil and Daniel Webster
What are the odds against such a foe?


With a partner, think of some issues a person your age might want to speak out about but could find hard to address. Discuss the advantages of speaking out about each issue, as well as the disadvantages or obstacles to speaking out. Then decide which of these issues you feel particularly strongly about. Prepare notes for a short speech to deliver to the class.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I Have a Dream
A vision of a better future

Nelson Mandela

Glory and Hope
South Africa's first black president

André Brink

The End of Separateness
Would you travel 6,000 miles to vote?

Margaret Truman

The United States vs. Susan B. Anthony
Was she a fanatic or a hero?

Langston Hughes

Theme for English B
What grade would you give this essay?

Richard Wilbur

The Writer
Can writing be a matter of life or death?

Isabelle C. Chang

The Artist
Perfection takes time.

William Blake

A Poison Tree
Beware the danger of hidden anger.

Amy Lowell

Emotional sparks fly between two foes.

Maya Angelou

from I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Caged Bird

New Directions

Encounter with Martin Luther King, Jr.
Turning self-discovery into powerful literature

George Plimpton

An Interview with Maya Angelou