Name _______________________________________

Lesson 7   Silent letters

designer sole mn
alignment colu mn
campaign conde mn
 gnawed autumn
indebted qualms
doubtful ca lmly
 psalms plumbing
 psychology numbed
spaghetti  rhythmic
ghetto  rhymed

Look at the boldfaced letters in each word. Only one of the two letters is pronounced. The other letter is a "silent partner." Say each word aloud.
1. Which letter is silent in each combination?

gn_______  bt_______  ps_______  gh_______  mn_______
lm_______  mb_______  rh_______

2.Write the combinations in which only the letter m is pronounced.

_______  _______  _______

3.Write the letter that is silent in one combination and pronounced

in another combination.  _______

Write the letters that are silent in more than one combination.

_______  _______


Lesson Generalization
A word's spelling may include a consonant pair in which one consonant is silent.
gn   bt   ps   gh   mn   lm   mb   rh  

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