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Lesson 30 Words from the French language

route restaurant
rouge chauffeur
coupon chauvinist
gourmet lieutenant
poultry soldier
souvenir chandelier
carousel surgeon
limousine dungeon
silhouette pigeon

Look at the repeated letter patterns in these words from the French language.

1. What vowel combination is repeated in the words in the first column? _____ In what syllable does this combination usually occur? _____
2. What vowel combination is repeated in the second group of words? _____
3. What vowel combination is repeated in the third group of words? _____
4. What letter combination is repeated in the last group of words? _____
Does the letter g have a hard sound or a soft sound in these words? _________
What vowel follows the letter g in these words? _____

Lesson Generalization

Spelling follows certain patterns in every language. The vowel combinations ou, au, and ie occur in many words taken from the French language. The ou combination most frequently appears in a first syllable.

Only words from the French use the geon ending. They cause spelling challenges because the ge in words like surgeon sounds like the dge in English words: fudge, judge.

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