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Lesson 3   Words ending ate/ion

equate + ion = equation evaluate + ion = evaluation
separate + ion = separation create + ion = creation
narrate + ion = narration navigate + ion = navigation
decorate + ion = decoration coordinate + ion = coordination
hibernate + ion = hibernation evacuate + ion = evacuation
legislate + ion = legislation generate + ion = generation
inflate + ion = inflation manipulate + ion = manipulation
irritate + ion = irritation dominate + ion = domination
obligate + ion = obligation participate + ion = participation
congregate + ion = congregation isolate + ion = isolation
TERMS TO KNOW:  A word that describes an action is a verb: decorate.
A word that names something is a noun: decoration.
ate is a verb ending.      ion is a noun ending.

1.All of the base words in this list end with the same three letters.

What are those letters?  ___________________

Is the final e pronounced or silent?   ___________________

Does the letter t have a hard sound (rate) or a soft sound (nation)?


2.What are the last four letters of each word after the ion suffix is added?


What happens to the final silent e? ___________________

Does the letter t have a hard or a soft sound? ___________________

Lesson Generalization
The word ending pronounced shun is usually spelled tion. Many verbs that end with ate can be changed to nouns by adding the suffix ion. The hard t in ate becomes a soft t in tion.

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