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Lesson 2   Final silent e words and more suffixes

festive festivity festively
severe severity severely
time timing timely
love loving lovely
like liking likely
complete completing completely
definite definition definitely
intense intensive intensely

defense defensive defenseless
price pricing priceless
blame blaming blameless
age aging ageless
sense sensory senseless

confine confining confinement
endorse endorsing endorsement
measure measuring measurement
amuse amusing amusement
engage engaging engagement
state stating statement
achieve achieving achievement
1.Why is the final silent e dropped from the words in the first column to form the words in the second column?


2.What three suffixes have been added to form the words in the last column?

____________     ____________     ____________

Does each suffix begin with a consonant or a vowel? _________________

3.What happens to the final e when a suffix beginning with a consonant is added?


Lesson Generalization
When you add a suffix that begins with a consonant to a word that ends in silent e, keep the final e.

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