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Lesson 18   Doubling final consonants

expel expelled expelling  
repel repelled repellent  
propel propelled propeller  
compel compelled compelling  
dispel dispelled dispelling  
refer referred referring reference
infer inferred inferring inference
prefer preferred preferring preference
confer conferred conferring conference
transfer transferred transferring  
profit profited profiting  
benefit benefited benefiting  
credit credited crediting  
edit edited editor  
limit limited limiting  
model modeled modeling  
label labeled labeling  
travel traveled traveler  
cancel canceled canceling  
quarrel quarreled quarreling  

1. All of the words in the first column end with a single consonant that follows a single vowel. What syllable is accented in the first ten words? __________
2. What happens to the final consonant of the VAC word when a suffix beginning with a vowel is added? __________
3. Four of the VAC words also use the ence suffix. What syllable is stressed or accented in these words? __________
Why isn't the final consonant doubled?


Lesson Generalization

A VAC word must have a final accented syllable.

Some VAC words have a form in which the accent shifts to a different syllable when the suffix is added. For these forms, do not double the final consonant of the base words when you add the suffix: con-fer' con'fer-ence.

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