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Lesson 10  Words ending with al + suffixes

local+ ly =locallylocality
final+ ly =finallyfinality
legal+ ly =legallylegality
equal+ ly =equallyequality
fatal+ ly =fatallyfatality
actual+ ly =actuallyactuality
real+ ly =reallyreality
total+ ly =totallytotality
mental+ ly =mentallymentality
moral+ ly =morallymorality
national+ ly =nationallynationality
punctual+ ly =punctuallypunctuality
general+ ly =generallygenerality
personal+ ly =personallypersonality
individual+ ly =individuallyindividuality
original+ ly =originallyoriginality
practical+ ly =practicallypracticality
formal+ ly =formallyformality
technical+ ly =technicallytechnicality
sentimental+ ly =sentimentallysentimentality

All of the adjectives in the first column end with what two letters? ________


What two-letter suffix is added to change each adjective to an adverb? ________


When the ly suffix is added to a word that ends with the letter l, is one of the l's dropped? 


What are the last four letters of each new adverb? ________

Is the unstressed a in this ending easy to hear and identify? ________


Is the a easier to hear in the words formed by adding the ity suffix? ________


Lesson Generalization

When you add the suffix ly to a word that ends with al, remember that one l belongs to the base word and one l belongs to the suffix. Don't drop one of the l's.

Remember the unstressed a by thinking of a related word in which the accent is shifted to the syllable containing the a: for'mal-ly   for-mal'i-ty

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