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Role-Play: A Persuasive Conversation

Mr. Misenheimer's Garden
Role-Play: A Persuasive Conversation (p. 209)

Imagine that you are Haeja Namkoong and you have just received a call from a virtual stranger asking you to come help him in his garden. How would you react? Or, imagine you are Mr. Misenheimer, pleading with a young woman you hardly know to help you save your life's work. What would you say to convince her? When you assume a role and participate in a conversation as that character, you are taking part in a role-play. Working with a classmate, role-play the telephone conversation in which Mr. Misenheimer persuades Haeja to help him. Perform your role-play for the class. Use the following techniques to make your role-playing more effective.

  • Analyze your character's point of view. In a role-play, your job is to present your character's thoughts and opinions. Reread "Mr. Misenheimer's Garden" and try to understand what motivates your character to create or carry on the garden.
  • Maintain your role. Don't slip and express your personal opinions on the subject—stay in character. Remember, role-playing is used to explore other people's views and to understand the reasons behind them.
  • Listen to the other characters. Don't forget that your character's opinions are only part of the story. Listen to other characters to gain insight into their personalities as well.

Understanding why the two people loved the garden is key in comprehending why they acted as they did. Get in character for your role-play by visiting the garden Web sites below.

Giverny and Vernon: Impressionist Gardens gardens/ index.htm
Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny were a rich source of inspiration for the painter. Explore this site to see photographs and paintings of the garden and to learn more about the flowers and trees growing there today.

The Museum of Garden History ~museumgh/ panoindex.htm
The Museum of Garden History offers this panoramic 360° virtual tour of the Tradescant Garden, a famous garden in England. The museum's site also offers information about master gardeners and pictures of their gardens.