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The Language of Literature, Grade 8
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Part 2: Taking Chances

Part 2

Taking Chances

Mark Twain, dramatized by Walter Hackett

The Million-Pound Bank Note
A young man makes his fortune in a most unusual way.


Think back to an important decision that you have made. Use a flow chart to identify the influences on your decision. Then write a paragraph explaining what happened. Write a second paragraph about what might have happened had you made a different decision.

Alice Walker

We Alone
A look at what one should value


Found Money
A teenager does the right thing.

Anton Chekhov

The Bet
A bet made at a party forever changes the lives of two men.

Emily Dickinson

I Stepped from Plank to Plank
The effect of life's experiences are revealed.

Theodore Roethke

Child on Top of a Greenhouse
A fearless explorer

Julia Alvarez

from Something to Declare
A family leaves its homeland to seek freedom in the United States