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The Years 18701885

The Bet
The Years 1870–1885 (p. 294)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

In "The Bet," the lawyer is confined to a single room from 1870 to 1885. Using history books, encyclopedias, and the links below, see what you can find out about the events that occurred in the outside world during those years. Did any leaders come to power? Did any major wars take place? Share your findings with your classmates.

Russian History on the Web Academics/ Colleges_Departments/ Academic_Departments/ Foreign_Language_Programs/ Russian_Studies/ Resources/ History/ Chronology.html
What was happening in Russia in the 19th century? Find out here.

History Channel
Explore the history of 1870-1885 year by year. Click on "search by timeline" and select the appropriate decades.