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Reconstruction: Lincoln's Plan

from Lincoln: A Photobiography
Reconstruction: Lincoln's Plan (p. 777)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

During his presidency, Lincoln worked on a plan called Reconstruction, or the rebuilding of the South. When Lincoln was killed, Andrew Johnson became president and tried to carry out Lincoln's plan. Find out more about Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction. What does the plan tell you about the vision Lincoln had for the country?

Lincoln's Plan for Reconstruction ce6/ history/ A0841309.html
An article on the Reconstruction of the South that includes a section on Lincoln's Plan.

Reconstruction: An Encarta Encyclopedia Article find/ Concise.asp?z=1& pg=2& ti=761556642
An encyclopedia article about the Reconstruction

Reconstruction: Roads to Reunion exhibits/ treasures_of_congress/ page_13.html
Learn about Reconstruction by clicking on the primary-sources materials in this exhibit from the National Archives and Records administration.