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A Running Brook of Horror
Rattlesnakes (p. 585)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

"A Running Brook of Horror" is about cobras, which are native to Asia and Africa, but there are other dangerous snakes that can be found closer to home. Find out more about the best-known poisonous snake that is native to the United States—the rattlesnake. Present your findings on a poster. Be sure to include information on treatment of rattlesnake bites.

For Goodness Snakes! Treating and Preventing Venomous Bites fdac/ features/ 995_snakes.html
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration maintains this site, which offers information on the treatment and prevention of snakebites. Read through material on venomous U.S. snakes, snakebite first aid, treatment drawbacks, and snake avoidance.

Timber Rattlesnakes collect/ vertzo/ herp/ timber/ factshe1.html
Learn about timber rattlesnakes on this page from the Milwaukee Public Museum.

The American Rattlesnake Museum
Take a virtual tour of the American Rattlesnake Musuem in New Mexico, and learn everything you could possible want to know about rattlers.