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The Underground Railroad

from Harriet Tubman, Conductor on the Underground Railroad
The Underground Railroad (p. 767)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

In 1990 Congress authorized the National Park Service to conduct a study of the Underground Railroad. The goal was to preserve this aspect of United States history. Find out about the results of the study. What sites in the Underground are currently maintained by the park service? What literature about the Underground Railroad has the park service published? Prepare a brief report on the topic.

Underground Railroad: Franklin County vshadow2/ UGRR/ underground.html
Many fugitive slaves traveled to Franklin County, Virginia, via the Underground Railroad. Learn more about daily life in Franklin County during the era of slavery. Part of the University of Virginia's Valley of the Shadow Project, this section contains newspaper clips, images of people and places, maps, information about race relations, and much more.

The Underground Railroad boaf/ undergroundrailroad.htm
This site, part of the National Park Service's Black Heritage Trail, is a good starting point for a research paper. The site provides biographies of famous African Americans, a time line, maps, and facts about the Underground Railroad.