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Science: Flowers for Algernon

Science: Flowers for Algernon
Brain Functions (p. 220)

In "Flowers for Algernon," doctors experiment with a surgical method to increase the intelligence of a man with low mental abilities. Different areas of the brain control different functions. For instance, right now, your parietal lobe is controlling the functions that allow you to read. Memory is controlled by the temporal lobe, decision making by the frontal lobe. To learn more about how your brain works, visit the sites below.

Neuroscience for Kids chudler/ neurok.html
An activity-filled site for kids who want to learn more about the brain. You can even sign up for a free newsletter!

Dana BrainWeb brainweb/
The Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, an independent non-profit organization, has compiled links and resources on brain diseases and disorders on this informative Web site.

Nye Labs Online core.html?flashtarget=core.html& noflashtarget=noflash.html
Explore the brain with Bill Nye, the Science Guy. A great link to share with students, Nye Labs features a question of the week, fun science facts, interesting visuals, and more.