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Interview: Homelessness in Your Community

Interview: Homelessness in Your Community (p. 107)

Ask someone who works in a homeless shelter to tell you about the services available for homeless people in your area. Find out how many people use the shelter. Ask what is being done to help them find homes of their own. Share your findings with your classmates. Before you conduct your interview, find out more about homelessness by browsing through these Web sites.

National Alliance to End Homelessness
Visit this site to browse through publications, research statistics and legislation, and learn more about what you can do to end homelessness. You can also practice your interview questions by participating in an online discussion.

Why Are People Homeless? publications/ facts/ Why.pdf
Find out some of the reasons why people are homeless.

When you conduct the interview, practice active listening strategies:

  • Pay attention to the interviewee's voice. Notice changes in pace and tone. Such changes often provide insight to how the speaker really feels.
  • Visualize while listening. Form pictures in your mind of the people and scenes the speaker describes.
  • Listen for the main message. Try to seize the recurring theme of the speaker's talk. What does he or she want you to take with you?