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Writing Dialogue: The Talking Computer

Key Item
Writing Dialogue: The Talking Computer (p. 437)

If the computer you were working on suddenly started talking, what would it say? Write an imaginary conversation you and the computer would have and then read it to your class. Here are a few suggestions to make your dialogue sound realistic:

  • Create distinct voices. What kind of vocabulary and speaking style would your computer use? Try to give both characters a way of talking that reflects their personalities.
  • Have your characters respond to what the other character has said, rather than just giving speeches.
  • Vary the number of sentences your characters speak at a time, and include questions and exclamations as well as statements. Incomplete sentences and unfinished thoughts can be used in scripts.

For more help writing dialogue, browse through these online scriptwriting articles.

Screenwriting Help
This site presents a wealth of information for screenwriters. Features include writing tips, publishing advice, and interviews with successful writers.

12 Dialogue Exercises archives/ 2004/ 10/ 23/ 12-exercises-for-improving-dialogue/
Here are some tips for creating realistic dialogue.