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Suspicion and Fear

The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
Suspicion and Fear (p. 430)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

How have fear and suspicion served to hurt and destroy people throughout history? Find out by looking through books about American and world history. Write a short summary of a tragic situation that was caused by irrational fear and prejudice, such as the Salem witch trials or the "Red scare." Then explain how you think people could avoid repeating the same mistakes if that event were to occur again.

Salem Witch Trials faculty/ projects/ ftrials/ salem/ SALEM.HTM
Part of a law professor?s Web site on famous trials, this section features information about the Salem Witch Trials, including a chronology of events in Salem, biographies, images, and witchcraft trial documents.

The Museum of Tolerance mot/ youthedu/ gap.cfm
Explore the ramifications of prejudice and suspicion by taking a virtual tour of the Museum of Tolerance.

Salem Witch Trials
Site features the transcripts of the Salem Witch Trials, biographies of the key figures, and essays exploring the reasons behind the witch scare.