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Ellis Island

from Immigrant Kids
Ellis Island (p. 231)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

Samuel Ellis owned Ellis Island in the 18th century. Later it was named for him. Research the island's interesting past, especially how it came to be a major reception center for immigrants. Search a library for books about Ellis Island, and explore Web sites like the ones below.

History Channel Exhibits: Ellis Island exhibits/ ellisisle/ reborn2.html
This site includes a chronological history of the island and a breakdown of arrivals (some of them famous), by country of origin. It emphasizes the challenges faced by people arriving in a new country, and contains audio clips of actual immigrants who passed through Ellis Island.

The National Parks Service: Statue of Liberty National Monument and Ellis Island Exhibit stli/ serv02.htm
This site includes a thorough history of the island, along with short descriptions of the museum's exhibits and extensive visitor information.