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Chinese Immigration

Waters of Gold
Chinese Immigration (p. 828)

Use the Web sites below to complete the following activity.

"Waters of Gold" is a story that was passed on by Chinese immigrants. The first Chinese newcomers to the United States worked for some of the first railroad companies in California and Texas. With a group of classmates, find out more about Chinese Immigration to the United States. First, brainstorm questions about the topic and make a sequence chart like the one shown on page 828 of your book. Use encyclopedias, computer databases, and books to find out details. Then present your findings in a group report.

Chinese Immigration and Chinese in the United States: Records in the Regional Archives locations/ finding-aids/ chinese-immigration.html
The National Archives and Records Administration has put together this site containing a brief history of Chinese immigration to the United States, and a list of resources which provide records relating to it.

Angel Island Home Page immigr02.html
Originally designed in the early 1900s as the "Ellis Island of the West," Immigration Station, on California's Angel Island, became a detention center for Asians, the majority of whom were Chinese.

Ancestors in the Americas programs.html
A companion site to the PBS video series, Ancestors in the Americas examines the history of Asians in America, with a particular emphasis on the Chinese experience. Video clips show scenes from the series.