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Links to Unit 3: Greece, Britain, and Puerto Rico

Links to Unit 3: Greece, Britain, and Puerto Rico
Across Cultures

The links below will allow you to explore the countries and cultures featured in Unit 6.

A Tour of Ancient Olympia Olympics/ site.html
In Greek mythology, Zeus was king of the gods. To honor him, Greeks established the Olympic Games in the city of Olympia. Tour the ancient city and see the sites that the Greeks built, including the Temple of Zeus.

Map of Ancient Greek World tools/ gk_wrld.htm
Click on select cities or regions of ancient Greece to read more about them.

Glastonbury travel/ magical/ magic7.html
The city of Glastonbury, in England, is rumored to have been the site of King Arthur?s Camelot. Find out what makes Glastonbury such a magical place.

The Taíno World taino/ tainoworld.html
Learn more about the Taíno people, who were the original inhabitants of Puerto Rico and were the first people Christopher Columbus encountered in the New World.

Western Europe, A.D. 469 ~wiseman/ DECB/ DECB-Emap.html
This map shows what Western Europe looked like around the time of King Arthur?s birth, and what groups controlled each area.

Welcome to Puerto Rico! index.shtml
"Welcome to Puerto Rico!" provides a wonderful, comprehensive overview of this Caribbean island, including information on its food, culture, history, geography, and more.

The Middle Ages homeworkhelp/ worldbook/ atozhistory/ m/360060.html
The term Middle Ages describes a time that roughly spans from 400 A.D. to 1500 A.D. This article describes what Europe was like during the time of King Arthur, and beyond.