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Links to Unit 2: China and Germany

Links to Unit 2: China and Germany
Across Cultures

The links below will allow you to explore the countries and cultures featured in Unit 6.

Selected Chinese Myths and Fantasies experience/ story/ story.html
Learn more about the history and teachings of Chinese mythology. Click on “Related Page” and get a brief summary of the characteristic features of Chinese mythology.

Discovering China 26469/ index2.html
Explore China?s history, culture, cities, and people at this student-created Web site. An interactive section allows you to participate in polls, take quizzes, and post comments to a message board.

Kassel, Germany
Kassel, Germany, is where the Brothers Grimm wrote many of their tales. It is also the capital of what is known as "The Fairy Tale Road"—a region stretching from the cities of Hanau to Bremen. Click on the British flag icon to view the site in English.

Napoleon???s Battle at Leipzig battle_leipzig.htm
It has been said that the Brothers Grimm published their German fairy tales, in part, to help build a sense of pride in German culture. By the time the brothers published their major work, Nursery and Household Tales, in 1812, Napoleon Bonaparte, the Emperor of France, had been waging wars across Europe for years. It would be just one year later, however, that Germany would be liberated, due in large part to the Battle at Leipzig in 1813.

The China Experience experience/ index.html
Learn more about the people, arts, folk customs, festivals, and literature of this rich and ancient culture.