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Oral Report

Amelia Earhart's disappearance while attempting to fly around the world continues to be a mystery. Find out about her last flight and report your findings to your class. Start the research for your report by browsing through these sites.

WorldBook: Two Legends of Aviation features/ aviators/ html/ index.htm
Click on "Amelia Earhart," to learn more about the final flight of Earhart. Features include a biography of the pilot, an article on her last flight written the year she disappeared, and a map of her last journey.

FBI Documents: Amelia Earhart foiaindex/ earhart.htm
Explore the FBI?s file on Amelia Earhart?s disappearance in the Electronic Reading Room. The file, in PDF format, features correspondence from individuals speculating about the pilot?s mysterious fate.

NOVA: "Vanished!" wgbh/ nova/ vanished/ crashes.html#n02
"Vanished!" investigates unexplained air disasters like Amelia Earhart?s. An illustrated timeline will allow you to explore a century's worth of mysterious plane crashes.

For many students, researching and writing an oral report are the easy parts; standing in front of the class and delivering it is the big challenge. Just about everybody gets the jitters before speaking in public. To overcome stage fright, try the following tips.

  • Rehearse. The more you practice your report—in front of the mirror, with a friend, or with a family member—the more confident you will feel giving it.
  • Try to relax. Before your speech, take slow, deep breaths. If possible, move: walk around, stretch your arms, touch your toes. Relaxing your body helps calm your mind.
  • Fake it. Act as if you feel completely comfortable as you stand in front of the class. Smile confidently, stand tall, and try to look relaxed. After a few minutes, you'll probably fool yourself.