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Dramatic Reading

The Quarrel/Fable
Dramatic Reading (p. 346)

If the characters in "The Quarrel" or "Fable" had a conversation about friendship, what would they say? Write a possible dialogue and, with a partner, read it to your class. You'll find it's easier to perform your lines if the dialogue is interesting and realistic. Here are a few suggestions for good scriptwriting:

  • Write each character's words in a style that fits the character.
  • Have your characters respond to what another character has said, rather than just giving speeches.
  • Vary the number of sentences your characters speak at a time, and include questions and exclamations as well as statements.
  • Try developing your script by saying the lines first, then writing them down. Your dialogue may sound more natural that way.

For more help writing scripts, browse through these online scriptwriting articles.

Odyssey of the Mind's Scriptwriting Workshop Scriptwriting%20Tips.htm
This scriptwriting workshop was written by students participating in an Odyssey of the Mind competition. Browse through the workshop before you write your dialogue to find tips on the entire scriptwriting process, from brainstorming to re-writing.