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The Language of Literature, Grade 6
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Part 2: Breaking Barriers

Part 2

Breaking Barriers

Walter Dean Myers

Abd al-Rahman Ibrahima
from Now is Your Time!
The true story of an enslaved prince


Imagine that your proposal for a science project has been copied by a student who had "innocently" questioned you about it. What could you do to right this wrong? With classmates playing the roles of the other student and your teacher, role-play various ways of handling the situation. In your notebook, record your ideas about these possible resolutions.


The Wolf and the House Dog
The hidden cost of an easy life

Helen Keller

from The Story of My Life
Working a miracle, one word at a time


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New tools make life easier.

Norma Landa Flores

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Wings in the city sky

Langston Hughes

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The power of language

Gary Soto

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