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Chapter 2: The First People of North America

The Internet contains a wealth of information, but it can be tricky to find what you need. Whether you are researching a specific topic, completing an activity, or simply curious to learn more, the links below can help you focus your search and save time.

Outline of Prehistory and History seac/ outline/ index.htm
The prehistory section of this National Park Service site offers an overview of Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Woodland, and Mississippian cultures, and a wealth of information on archeological investigations. Includes maps, illustrations, and recommended reading.

Seminole History facts/ history/ seminole/
Office of Cultural and Historical Programs of Florida Web site providing a brief history of the Seminoles of Florida, their origins, their leaders, and their wars.

Georgia Indian Heritage history101/ gahistory01.html
This Our Georgia History site offers an overview of the earliest known inhabitants of Georgia. Includes locations where Indian artifacts have been recovered.

Mounds and Rings Sites in the Golden Crescent goldcres/ cultural/ moundhome.html
National Park Service site identifies mound sites in Georgia and describes materials used in building Native American mounds.

A Chronology of North American Archaeology emuseum/ archaeology/ archaeology/ timeline/ history2.html
Minnesota State University E-Museum pages on the history of North American archaeology (1492 to the present).

The Mississippian Culture: The Mound Builders at Ocmulgee ~dvess/ ids/ amtours/ ocmulgee400X200/ 400X200S/ ocmwciv.htm
A Georgia State College and University professor's virtual tour of the Ocmulgee mounds.

Big Game Hunting emuseum/ prehistory/ northamerica/ linked/ hunters.html
Minnesota State University E-Museum site on hunting for big game 12,000 years ago in North America. Includes a hunted-animal chart, hunting tools, and hunting techniques.

The "Five Civilized Tribes" ocmu/ Tribes.htm
National Park Service site covering five tribes that once lived in Georgia: Muscogee (Creek), Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Seminole.

Museum of the Cherokee Indian: Exhibits & Collections
Cherokee Nation Web pages offering historical background on the culture of the Paleo-Indian, Archaic, and Mississippian Periods.

The Mississippian Mound Builders and Their Artifacts
Exhibit of Mississippian artifacts, including pottery, pipes, hardstone, flint points, discoidals (axes), shell ornaments, and beads. Includes detailed explanations and descriptions of each object.