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Chapter 3: Assessment Internet Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the Web sites recommended below to gather additional information, broaden your knowledge, and complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Using an Electronic Card Catalog

Choose an early American explorer you would like to research. Then use your library's computerized search program to find information about your explorer. Enter your explorer's name, and print out the list of library materials you find. This information is called bibliographic information. Locate one of the books on your list, and take it to class. Identify two or three interesting excerpts from the book to share with your classmates.

The European Voyages of Exploration applied_history/ tutor/ eurvoya/ sources.html
A list of books about European explorers with an emphasis on Spanish and Portuguese explorers such as Columbus and Vasco da Gama. From the Applied History Research Group at the University of Calgary.

Georgia Conquest Trails inset7.html
A detailed look at De Soto's route through Georgia with primary source, first-person accounts of an encounter with a bear and other experiences along the way.

The History of Puerto Rico and Juan Ponce de Leon cgi-bin/ query/ r?ammem/ lhbpr:@field(DOCID+@lit(lhbpr08353div18))
A book excerpt on the effects of smallpox, ant invasions, hurricanes, and other disasters on Native American peoples and the Spanish conquistadors. From Chapter 11 of Calamities—Ponce's Second Expedition to Florida and Death, 1520–1537.