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Chapter 2: Assessment Internet Activity

Want to show what you know? Use the Internet and the Web sites recommended below to gather additional information, broaden your knowledge, and complete the end-of-chapter Internet activity.

Creating a Multimedia Display

Use your computer to prepare an electronic presentation on a North American Indian culture. Use the folk tales, art, music, and video that you might find in a museum exhibit. Write text or record narrative to guide viewers through your interactive exhibit. Present your multimedia display to the class.

The Seminole Tribe of Florida
History and Culture links on this site contain illustrations and descriptions of Seminole basketry, art, beadwork, religion, storytelling, legends, and clothing.

Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections cgi-bin/ query/ S?ammem/ flwpabib:@FIELD(OTHER+@band(+seminole+indians+))
Listen to recordings of songs from the Seminole Indians of the Southeast archived by the Library of Congress.

First American Art exhibitions/ first_american_art/ firstamericanart.html
A Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian exhibit of Native American crafts and fine art.

Museum of the Cherokee Indian: Exhibits & Collections
Historical background on the Cherokee Nation, including details about the Paleo-Indian, Archaic, and Mississippian cultures.

Heritage & Culture: Chickasaw Nation
Click on the "Heritage and Culture" section of the Chickasaw Nation Web site. Includes links to museums and exhibits on the Chickasaw nation, tourism, culture, foundations, history, and government policy.

Indigenous People's Literature: Tsalagi (Cherokee) welker/ cherokee.htm
Site includes Cherokee literature, including traditional stories and links to other pages from the American Indian Heritage Foundation.

The Creek Portraits Index ~cmamcrk4/ crkpxndx.html#anchor141751
Pencil sketches and paintings from the 1700s and 1800s of Creeks, by contemporary artists and others.