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To play, click on the desired block with your mouse, or move the cursor with your ARROW KEYS. When the block is highlighted, type your letter. To switch from across to down or vice versa use the ARROW KEYS or Control-CLICK with your mouse. To clear the puzzle, click on your browser's REFRESH or RELOAD button. After clicking "Check Answers", incorrect letters will be marked with an "X". Your teacher has access to the completed puzzle.

1.The real number that corresponds to a point on a line.
4.A ________ has no dimension. It is usually represented by a small dot.
7.To divide into two congruent parts.
10.Points that lie on the same plane.
12.A construction tool used to draw segments. A ruler without marks.
14.A construction tool used to draw arcs.
15.When three points lie on a line, you can say that one of them is ________ the other two.
16.Part of a line that consists of a point, called an initial point, and all points on the line that extend in one direction.
2.An angle with measure between 90° and 180°.
3.Consists of two different rays that have the same initial point.
5.The set of points that two or more geometric figures have in common.
6.Rules that are accepted without proof. Also called axioms.
8.An angle with measure between 0° and 90°.
9.Two adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays.
11.A ________ extends in two dimensions. It is usually represented by a shape that looks like a tabletop or wall.
13.A ________ extends in one dimension. It is usually represented by a straight line with two arrowheads to indicate that it extends without end in two directions.