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Architectural Renderer

Architectural Renderer

Architectural renderers create realistic or scale drawings or paintings of construction projects for presentation by an architect to a client. Most architectural renderers work for an architecture firm, although some work for city planners and independent site developers.

Architectural renderers must be able to accurately portray buildings and indoor furnishings in pen and ink, colored pencil, and watercolor. Some architectural renderers utilize computer technology to create their drawings. Although architectural renderers are primarily illustrators and artists, they also rely on a basic knowledge of architectural design.

Education and Training

In the U.S., architectural renderers may need the following education and training:

  • a bachelor's degree in fine arts with a concentration in architectural drafting, industrial design, or a related field

On the Job

Architectural renderers typically work in an office environment. Much of their time is spent working with the aid of a variety of drawing tools. Occasionally, architectural renderers may visit project sites to gather additional information.

Math on the Job

Architectural renders must be able to create a visual image of an idea. To accomplish this, architectural renders often take elevation views (these are two-dimensional views of each side of a building) and create a three-dimensional perspective drawing. This requires strong spatial reasoning abilities. This type of drawing gives the client a better picture of what the final product may look like.

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You can get more information about architectural rendering from the:
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