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Ship Salvage Personnel

Ship Salvage Personnel

Ship salvage personnel search for sunken objects such as planes and ships. They may use sonar, charts, underwater cameras, submarines, and remote sensing equipment, especially with search and recovery operations that are particularly difficult.

Many of the persons that engage in underwater salvage operations are commercial divers. Commercial divers perform a variety of tasks including underwater welding, underwater salvage, construction, marine research or work related to offshore oil and gas production. Others assist law enforcement agencies in the search and rescue operations.

Education and Training

In the U.S., commercial divers may need the following education and training:

  • high school diploma
  • scuba diving certification from an approved organization
  • CPR and first aid certification

Additionally, commercial divers may need experience with the following:

  • underwater welding and cutting equipment
  • underwater construction techniques

On the Job

Commercial divers need to be in excellent physical condition and be able to adapt to low visibility, extreme temperatures, confined spaces, and strong currents.

Math on the Job

Commercial divers are very organized and detail-oriented, especially during the planning phase of a dive. Commercial divers must have excellent problem solving skills since each job usually has a unique set of circumstances that can only be resolved through experimentation, reasoning, and a methodical approach.

Related Careers

  • diving supervisor
  • diving consultant
  • law enforcement diver
  • marine construction