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Employment Counselor

Employment Counselor

Employment counselors help people with career planning. They generally evaluate a person's skills, interests, education, training, and previous work experience. Based on this information, the employment counselor recommends careers. Employment counselors may also help with resume writing, locating job opportunities, and preparing for interviews. Some employment counselors help their clients negotiate the terms and conditions for employment once a job offer has been made.

In general, counselors help persons resolve a variety of problems including those that relate to personal, family, educational, mental health, and career issues. For example, rehabilitation counselors help people that are suffering from physical or emotional disabilities make appropriate adjustments in their jobs or personal lives. Mental health counselors counsel individuals and groups that suffer from substance abuse, suicide, and a variety of other stresses. School and college counselors work with students of all ages, from elementary through post-secondary school levels. In addition to providing assistance with career planning, school counselors may help students with a variety of social, emotional, and educational needs.

Education and Training

In the U.S., counselors may need the following education and training:

  • a bachelor's degree in a specialized area such as career or marriage counseling
  • a master's degree in a counseling-related field
  • certification may be required, depending on the field of counseling

On the Job

Counselors have a strong interest in helping others with respect and trust. Counseling sessions may be intense. Because of this, counselors must possess a high level of physical and emotional stamina.

Math on the Job

The amount of mathematics used by a counselor can vary depending on the area of specialization. Employment counselors, for example, may administer tests that measure a person's aptitudes. Different tests are designed to evaluate other personal characteristics that may point a person towards a particular career. The results of these tests are often evaluated statistically.

Related Careers

  • teacher
  • human resource manager
  • social worker
  • training specialist