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Link Activity

Unidad 1 Etapa 2 ¿Qué prefieres?


In ¿Qué prefieres? you learned to comment on food, talk about the past, express what activities you prefer, and to discuss fine art. Taste–el gusto–is related to both food and the things that you find agreeable. A saying in Spanish goes, <<Para el gusto se hicieron los colores>>. You could say as easily, <<Para el gusto se hicieron los sabores>>. What do these sayings tell you about taste?


Spanish speakers have lived in the Midwest since the 1910s, in states like Illinois and Minnesota. Sandra Cisneros, the author of La Casa en Mango Street, and one of the most renowned writers of Spanish-speaking descent, sets her novel in Chicago. Explore the links below to think more about your taste in food and art in the Chicago area. You might want to keep a notebook nearby to jot down ideas as you think about the following questions:

  • How do you know you like something? Does it appeal to your senses or is it a taste that you learned with your family? Think of an example of something you like because it appeals to your senses and something that you learned to like with your family.
  • What are some Spanish-speaking groups in the Chicago area?
  • If you were an art gallery owner who had Spanish-speaking customers, what are some of the artists you might show in your gallery?
  • If you owned a restaurant in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood, what things might you offer on your menu? Based on what you know, what price range would your restaurant have?
  • If you owned a gallery or a restaurant, what things would you do to promote local artists?

Mexican Fine Arts Center (Spanish/English)
See the latest exhibits at the Mexican Fine Arts Center in Chicago.

Comida en Chicago (Spanish) comida.html
Read these comments on some popular Chicago restaurants.


Look at the notes from your Exploración. On your own or in a small group, plan an event to benefit local Spanish-speaking artists. You are a restaurant owner who will lend the space for a showing of the artists’ paintings, and will serve Mexican and Puerto Rican foods, among other things. Decide what dishes you would serve, what artists you will show, and how much you would have to charge per ticket to cover your expenses for food while having money left over for the artists. Share your estimates with the class. Is there a ticket price that is most appealing for both the restaurant owner and those attending the benefit? Why?