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Step 1:
You want to choose a gym that will suit your mother's friend. First, read the two short articles on how to select a gym that are included in the list of Web sites in the Gyms and exercise centers section. Write down the three most important key features that you think your mother's friend will want. Remember, she has orthopedic and allergy problems, so it is likely that well-educated trainers and physical therapists would be high on her list of key features, in addition to other factors such as location, price, and facilities.

Características importantes de un gimnasio




Now, keeping those features in mind, look at the list of gyms in the Web site under Possible gyms, and fill in the chart with information about the one you choose.

Nombre de gimnasio



Características especiales





Step 2:
Now it's time to line up some help cleaning the house. First, look at the Sample advertisements link in the Cleaning services section. Check out some sample ads to see what kind of information they include. You may want to print out a sample classified ad to guide you when you write your own. Next, write a short classified ad to appear in the Web site listed under Directory. Use your own contact information for people to reply to. Be sure to include the following tasks that your mother's friend wants to have done:

  • do the cleaning in general—sweeping, dusting, vacuuming—once a day
  • cut the grass once a week
  • take out the trash once a week
  • wash the dishes once a day

Write your ad on a separate sheet of paper.

Step 3:
Now, use the link in the Doctors section to identify two possible doctors for your mother's friend: one who specializes in allergies, and one who specializes in orthopedic problems. Choose one in each area and write the contact information in the chart.

Nombre de doctor(a)


Más información útil