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Step 1:
First, use the links listed in the Mexican Independence Day section to research a little of the history and significance of September 15 in Mexico. What specifically does it celebrate? What activities and foods are normally included in present-day celebrations? Fill in the chart with the information you find.



Comidas tradicionales




Step 2:
Now it's time to start planning the party in earnest. Fill in the first chart to help you organize your ideas about the party and check off the supplies you think you will need. Then use the links listed under Party supplies to come up with a rough budget for the cost of the items. Fill in the second chart with information about which supplies you need (you don't need to buy everything listed!), the number you need, the cost per item, and the total amount needed to buy the supplies. Remember to try to incorporate elements of Mexican independence (colors, symbols) into a personal birthday celebration.

Número de invitados:


_____ globos


_____ velas

_____ piñata


_____ invitaciones

_____ bandera


_____ otros adornos: _______________________


Número que necesito

Precio por cada uno(a)

Precio total











otros adornos:


Step 3:
Look at the restaurants listed in the Restaurant menus section of links. Look at the menus and decide which restaurant you like best. If possible, see if there are any typical Mexican Independence Day foods included in the menu. Choose one restaurant and write a sample menu for the guests. You will need to choose two appetizers (which could also include a salad or soup), one entree, and one dessert. Fill in the chart with your choices.

Nombre del restaurante: _________________________________________

entremes (appetizer) 1:

entremes 2:

entrada (entree):