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Step 1:
The students need to get a sense of how much the flight from Buenos Aires to Miami will cost and how long the trip will take. Assume that the students are leaving on the first Friday of December and returning the following Friday. Check out the airlines listed in the air travel links. Visit all four airlines to find the best deal. Fill in the chart with the information you find.


Ida: hora y número del vuelo

Vuelta: hora y número del vuelo

Precio por un boleto de ida y vuelta









The best deal: ____________________________________________

Step 2:
The Argentine students will want to visit some museums and get to know Miami a little before they spend a day at the newspaper. Using the links in the museums and culture in Miami section, write down one activity per day for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Make sure that the place you suggest for each day is actually open on that day! Fill in the table with the place you choose, and, if possible, the hours it is open on that day.

Museo o sitio cultural


llegada a Miami


día de descanso








visita al periódico


salida para Buenos Aires

Step 3:
Miami has two major Spanish-language newspapers, El Nuevo Herald and El Diario de las Américas. Visit their Web sites in the section on Spanish-language Miami newspapers. Decide which newspaper seems more interesting, and write a short description of it. Include information about the kinds of stories it offers, what services it provides to its readers, chatrooms, e-mail, and anything else that you think would be of interest to the students. If there is any information about finding a job with the newspaper, be sure to include that as well.