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Link Activity

Unidad 4 Etapa 3 ¿Qué hacer en Oaxaca?


In ¿Qué hacer en Oaxaca?, you learned how to order food, request the check, talk about food, express extremes, and say where you went. You also learned about places and traditions in Oaxaca that are thousands of years old, yet are now part of Oaxaca’s contemporary culture. History and contemporary culture come together in ways that captivate the imagination.


Surf these links to learn more about ways in which Oaxaca maintains a connection with its history, yet remains contemporary. You might want to keep pen and paper nearby to write down things that draw your attention. Think about the following questions as you explore these links:

  • What is the most prominent indigenous culture connected with Oaxaca?
  • What are some of the artistic traditions that still survive in Oaxaca?
  • Are there any connections between contemporary Oaxacan art and its traditions? Which ones do you notice?
  • Choose a contemporary Oaxacan artist. What do you think is important to know about him or her?
  • How do young people in Oaxaca transform their traditions?


Look at your notes. On your own or with a classmate, make a chart to show the transformations of Oaxacan culture and traditions through the years. Across the top of the three columns , write the following headers: "Tradición" "Origen" "Interpretación moderna". Use your notes to fill out the chart for at least three traditions. Share your results with the class.