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Link Activity

Unidad 4 Etapa 1 ¡A visitar a mi prima!


In ¡A visitar a mi prima!, you learned to identify places, give addresses, choose transportation, request directions, and give instructions. Do you have relatives who live in other towns, states, or countries? Have you visited them or have they visited you? Getting around in a new place is always a challenge for people who don’t know it well. How do you manage to find your destination in a new place? How do you help others find their way?


Explore the following links as you think about how to find places in Oaxaca and other travel destinations. Keep pen and paper handy to write down any information that you find useful. As you view each link, think about the following questions:

  • What is the first thing that you would ask someone if he or she asked you for directions in Oaxaca?
  • Are there some maps that are more useful than others? What makes a good map?
  • What kind of map would you recommend to someone who is traveling to Oaxaca for the first time?
  • Pick three places that someone should visit in Oaxaca. Where are the places located?
  • What do these places reflect about the culture of Oaxaca?

Oaxaca guide/ index.php?section=location& lang=us& doc=maps
A complete guide to the city of Oaxaca.

Mexico Connect (English) mex_/ oaxaca/ oaxacaindex.html
Find maps, photos, and recommended places to visit in Oaxaca.

Secretaría de Gobierno (English) guide/ index.php?lang=us
Read about places to see, the history, the crafts, and other resources and attractions in Oaxaca.


Review your notes. On your own or with a friend, write a letter to a someone who is visiting Oaxaca. Give him or her clear directions to the three places that you picked in your Exploración. Describe why you think each place is worth visiting. You can illustrate your letter with a small map. Afterward, read your letter out loud to the class, or exhibit your map in the classroom.