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Imagine that you are you have a summer job working in a store that sells handicrafts from around the world. Your supervisor wants to add some Oaxacan items to the store's inventory but isn't sure what to get. She is thinking about sending you to Oaxaca for a one-day buying trip. In order to persuade her to let you go, you need to put together a list of information to show her you know what you're doing and to let her know what kinds of goods you will buy.

Create a fact sheet and a set of directions for a trip to Oaxaca to buy handicrafts. You will need to include the following information:

  • a map of the city with four locations marked
  • directions from each place on the map to the next
  • a short description of three different kinds of regional arts and crafts you can purchase

Each of these will be the result of a step in your information gathering. At the end of the three steps, you will turn in your work to your teacher, who will tell you whether or not you have convinced your supervisor to let you go on the trip.