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More about Oaxaca, México

ARTESANÍAS DE OAXACA Oaxaca is known for its strong artistic heritage. Handmade baskets, pottery, jewelry, and rugs make it a popular shopping destination. This lizard is a typical example of alebrije, a traditional style of woodcarving popular among Oaxacan artisans. Notice the bright, colorful design. What other Oaxacan carving is on this page?

To view a selection of Oaxacan handicrafts:

PESOS Pesos are Mexican money. (The name peso is also used for currency in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay.) Look at the Mexican pesos. How are they different from dollars?

MOLE NEGRO Oaxaca's traditional cuisine is a fusion of Spanish and Native American flavors. This mole negro contains chiles, chocolate, oregano, and onions. What have you eaten that is made from chocolate?

For more about Oaxacan cuisine:

BENITO JUÁREZ Benito Juárez is among the most revered presidents in Mexican history. In 1857, he implemented major reforms in Mexico's constitution. During his presidency, he led Mexico's fight against the French in the 1860s. El Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday also celebrated by Mexican Americans, commemorates the Mexican victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

The city of Monte Albán was built by the Zapotecs around 600 B.C. high upon a hill. It offers the best view of the city of Oaxaca. Monte Albán contains temples, tombs, a ball court, and areas that might have been used for astronomical observation. What do you think the work monte means?

RUFINO TAMAYO Rufino Tamayo (1899-1991), Oaxacan artist, gave his personal collection of pre-Columbian art to Oaxaca in 1974. This painting, Mujer tendiendo la mano a la luna, was completed in 1946. Can you guess what the title means?

MONTE ALBÁN Monte Albán was the ancient capital city of the Zapotecs. It is located in the central valley of Oaxaca.

For a visual tour of Monte Albán: