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Link Activity

Unidad 5 Etapa 3 ¡Qué buena celebración!


In ¡Qué buena celebración! you learned to plan a party, describe past activities, express extremes, and purchase food. You also learned about Antonio Gaudí, who, along with Picasso and Miró, has passed on an artistic legacy to the city. Barcelona’s rich artistic heritage nourishes the work of contemporary artists in one of Europe’s creative capitals.


Access these links to become more acquainted Gaudí and Picasso, and the work of contemporary artists. As you explore the links, think about the following questions. Keep paper and pencil nearby to write down things that come to mind.

  • What are some characteristics of Gaudí’s work? Which building or garden do you like the best?
  • What is the focus of the Museu Picasso? What are some of the works in the museum?
  • Choose one contemporary artist. Write down important aspects of his or her work. How does the work reflect the artistic tradition begun by Picasso, Gaudí, and Miró?

Barcelona of Antonio Gaudí (English) spain/ barcelon/ gaudi.html
Take a virtual tour of the important buildings and gardens designed by Barcelona's foremost architect.

Museu D'art Contemporani De Barcelona (English/Spanish/Catalan)
Museu D'art Contemporani De Barcelona (English/Spanish/Catalan).

Museu Picasso (English/Spanish/Catalan) index.htm
Visit the museum and learn about its collection.


Review your notes. On your own or with a classmate, pick an artist whose style you enjoy. Pick a photo of a person, a building or an object from a magazine, and draw an interpretation based on that artist’s style. You might use different techniques to build on that style. After you are done with your interpretation, describe your work. Give a title, a date, and what about the artist you selected inspired you. Exhibit your work in the class.