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Link Activity

Unidad 3 Etapa 3 El tiempo en El Yunque


In El tiempo en El Yunque, you learned to describe the weather, discuss clothing and accessories, state your feelings and opinions, and say what is happening. Think about the weather where you live. Do you think that the location of your city or town has something to do with the weather? What clothes do you tend to wear most months of the year? What about the weather in Puerto Rico? Is it always weather for shorts?


Go to the links below to explore the relationship between weather and location. Keep the following questions in mind as you explore these links. Remember to have pen and paper about to jot down any ideas that come to mind:

  • What temperatures and weather conditions do you notice at different locations?
  • Do temperatures and weather conditions form a pattern in different locations of the island?
  • Where do you notice a lot of vegetation? What does this tell you about the weather conditions that plants need to grow?
  • If you were a travel guide, what items of clothing would you recommend to a traveler who wants to visit forests, beaches, and mountains?
  • What conclusion can you come to about the weather in Puerto Rico?

El Yunque (English) gorp/ resource/ US_National_Forest/ pr_carib.HTM
Learn more about El Yunque.

Surfing in Puerto Rico (English)
Check out the waves and surfing in Puerto Rico.

English and Spanish Arecibo Observatory (English)
Check out this powerful telescope in the Cordillera Central in Arecibo.


After you’ve surfed the links, look at your notes. Use them to make an informational poster for travelers. On your own or with a classmate, use a combination of images and words to tell the traveler where in Puerto Rico he or she will find certain temperatures and lots of plants and trees, what clothing they should take to each place, and a general statement about the weather in Puerto Rico. You can use drawings or photos in your poster. Share your findings with the class as if you were broadcasting a travel report live!