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Link Activity

Unidad 2 Etapa 3 Mis actividades


The places and the people you know, and the things you like to do are some of the things you can discuss after studying Mis actividades. Think about the things you do after-school. How do these complement your interests in school? How often do you do them? Are there new things you want to try?


Look at these links to see some of the things that young people might do in Mexico, like pasear, hacer ejercicio, pasar un rato con los amigos, and tocar la guitarra. As you view these links, keep in mind the following questions. You might want to have pen and paper nearby to write down any ideas.

  • What kinds of spaces can groups of people share (like parks, museums, etc.)?
  • What role does music have at friends’ gatherings?
  • Do young people where you live do some of the same activities? What are some different ones?

Parks in Mexico (English) gorp/ location/ latamer/ mexico/ pks_cent.htm
This site gives the location and characteristics of some parks in Mexico.

Young People and Music (Spanish) oaxaca/ stories-206.htm
Mexico's young people continue musical traditions in Oaxaca.

Scouts in Mexico (English/Spanish) Yosemite/ Gorge/ 3899/
See news from scout troops in the Michoacán council.


Now look at your notes. On your own or with a classmate, draw a Venn diagram to show what things young people in Mexico and young people where you live have in common, and which are different (if you need help remembering what a Venn diagram is, ask your instructor). Afterward, note three things that are the same and three that are different. Present your findings to the class.