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Link Activity

Unidad 6 Etapa 2 A conocer el campo


In A conocer el campo, you learned to point out specific people and things, tell where things are located, and talk about the past. You also looked at Ecuador’s indigenous culture, which provides a vital connection between Ecuador’s present and its rich past. Major artistic figures like the painter Oswaldo Guayasamín, as well as indigenous businesses, make significant contributions to Ecuador’s economic, social, cultural, and political processes.


Access the following links to learn more about Ecuador’s social, economic, and political organization and the role that indigenous people play in it. Think about the following questions to guide your exploration as you access the following links. Use pen and paper to write down your ideas and observations:

  • What are some aspects of indigenous culture in Ecuador that survived the conquest?
  • What are some of the goods exported by Otavalans? How are the goods manufactured?
  • How do indigenous people participate in Ecuador’s political life?
  • What are some important legacies that Oswaldo Guayasamín left in Ecuador? Give a brief description of each one.

Embajada del Ecuador (Spanish/English)
Use this resource to get general information about Ecuador's political, economic, and social organization.

Fundación Guayasamín (Spanish/English)
Fundación Guayasamín (Spanish/English)


Review your notes. Select one aspect of indigenous culture that interests you, and write an email to the people of Otavalo about why you are interested in that aspect of their culture. You might include details about how you learned about their culture, and things that you would like to learn more about. Share your email out loud in class. You might also print it and keep a copy in your portfolio, or submit it to the ClassZone ¡En español! Writing Center.