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Link Activity

Unidad 5 Etapa 2 ¿Qué debo hacer?


In ¿Qué debo hacer? you learned to say what people are doing, to persuade others, to describe a house, and to negotiate responsibilities. You also learned about tapas, a popular culinary tradition in Barcelona and Spain. One advantage that Barcelona and other urban centers have is that places to shop are accessible in or near the city.


Explore the following links to learn about shopping and restaurant possibilities in Barcelona. As you learn about your choices, use the following questions to think about restaurants and shopping in Barcelona. Keep pen and paper handy to write down your ideas and the interesting details you find.

  • Describe some aspects of food in Barcelona.
  • What do you find appealing about houses?
  • How does food reflect the region?
  • What are some of the foods used as tapas?
  • Tapas are popular throughout Spain. Can you guess what regions the more popular Tapas come from?

Barcelona Prestige (English/Spanish)
Find out about places to shop and eat in Barcelona.

Ruta de la Buena Mesa en Barcelona (Spanish)
Follow the route of good eating in Barcelona for traditional and inventive menus!

Restaurants in Barcelona (English) barcelona/ eat/
Choose a restaurant that serves your favorite food and is within your budget.


Review your notes. On your own or with a classmate, plan a theme party in the following places of a house: el jardín, la sala, el comedor y la cocina. The theme of the party is Barcelona, una ciudad en España al lado del mar. In your party, you can show whatever art, photos, or videos, play music, and serve food that will evoke Spain and Barcelona for your guests. To facilitate your planning, make a chart. Across the top write the following categories: Música, Arte, Media, Comida. On the side, write, El jardín, La sala, El comedor y La cocina. Fill out your chart by writing what things you would include for each room in each of the categories. You can write anything you think will take the people at your party to Barcelona! Share your chart with the class.