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Link Activity

Unidad 3 Etapa 2 ¡Deportes para todos!


In ¡Deportes para todos! you’ve learned to talk about sports, express preferences, say what you know, and make comparisons. Sports are an exciting part of people’s lives—whether they are fans or play in leagues. Most people are fans and/or play for fun or recreation. What sports do you follow or play? Do you think the location of your city or town influences the sports that people play where you live?


Go to the following sites to find out more about the sports practiced in Puerto Rico. As you explore the sites, keep the following questions in mind. Remember to have pen and paper to write down any ideas or things that you find interesting.

  • What sports do you prefer?
  • Which one of the ones that you see here would you most like to learn more about?
  • Is it a team or an individual sport?
  • What equipment is required for each sport you see below?
  • What is the best location for each of the following sports?

Mountain Biking in Costa Rica content/ costa-rica-vacations-experience.html
How to visit Costa Rica's lakes, waterfalls and national parks on a mountain bike.

Baseball wiki/ B%C3%A9isbol
Read about the history and rules of baseball.


On your own or with a classmate, draw a chart. Along the top, write the headings Deportes, al aire libre, en el campo, en la cancha, en el estadio, en la piscina, sobre hielo. Under the column Deportes, write the names of sports that you like or that interest up. After filling out the chart, calculate the average number of sports played outdoors or indoors. Then pick three sports and write three or more comparative sentences using the vocabulary you have learned. What are the best locations for a given sport? The worst? You might want to refer to page 211 of your book for review.