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Link Activity

Unidad 2 Etapa 2 ¡Un horario difícil!


Who? What? When? Where? After going through ¡Un horario difícil!, you can now talk about your busy life with friends in different places, especially places where you can have a snack or something to eat. Think about the places and the food you like to eat. How would you describe the place and its food? When would you go there? Why would you recommend it?


Look at the links below to go to some restaurants in Mexico. As you view the links, ask yourself these questions. Keep a notepad nearby to write down anything that strikes you.

  • What is the menu like? Are there many options or just a few?
  • When would you go to this place? Would you go often or a few times?
  • What words that you’ve learned would you use to describe each one?
  • With whom would you go there? Why?
  • What things about each restaurant influenced your choices?

Guadalajara Grill (English/Spanish) guadalajara/ appetiz.htm
A good restaurant if you are in a casual mood.

Restaurante Danubio (English/Spanish)
Visit this elegant restaurant and take virtual tour.

San Angel Inn (English/Spanish)
Go here for heavenly food and ambiance.


After exploring the links, write a brief blurb on each restaurant to recommend it or not. Use words and phrases that you have learned before and in this Etapa. You might begin your blurb by asking, ¿Quieres comer hamburguesas buenas al mediodía? Tienes que ir a . . . Include details from your Exploración.